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GMD Trade

My half of an art trade with Gas Mask Dragon here on LJ. =)

GMD Trade

I'm the first to tell anyone that I suck at drawing dragons, but I don't think this turned out half bad. =)

RP doodle

Doodle of Kyn (my meadows MUCK character, not my anthro character) and Yoki. I doodled it in PS while in an RP. Pretty fun. Tried to draw the third party, a bobcat, but it came out all wrong so I dropped that layer out (you don't want to know how bad it was...)

Kyn is the one missing an ear.


A white-tailed jackrabbit with a missing ear.

For more info on white-tailed jackrabbits, click here. =)

Icon commission sketch...

Icon commission sketch. I like it so far. Waiting to hear what the buyer thinks. Posted here in actual size, and shrunken to icon size for effect.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Badge/icon post

The dragon is an icon I did for gas_mask_dragon here on LJ. The patriotic one is another GMD commission. The other 3 I drew up as samples, and also just for the fun of it. =)

Gas Mask Dragon Patriot Theo Badge Finliad Dewphire con badge Kyn con badge.


Interested in commissioning me for a character drawing (sketch, inked, or fully colored with colored pencils)? Email me at josie.murray@gmail.com for info! Or you can comment here in my community!

I rarely charge more than $20 for a character, and usually not even that much, unless it's particularly elaborate.

Background elements are OK, but no full backgrounds at this time.

I'm also accepting commissions for LJ icons!

Let me know! =)



My half of an art exchange here on LJ. This is Jir the Racoon.

Perpetuating the "sexy vixen stereotype". Ah, the humor... although, not really over-the-top enough to be all that funny.

Sexy Vixen
Discovered "Artrage", a cheapo alternative to Corel Painter. So I downloaded the trial and played around with it. This is the result.

Artrage Scribble

Might buy the full version. We shall see. I like the natural effects. But for now I'll stick with my outdated photoshop. After I get my tablet, we'll see how I feel.